Because I care…

As I was perusing a deals site today, I saw that Radio Shack had a DVD recorder for the low, low cost of $29.99.  Checking the site, I saw that none around my area had one in stock, but there was a store down by my sister that did.

So I called her up.


“Hey, what’s going on.”

“Hang on.”  She yells at someone.  Most likely one of the kids.  Or the bird.  Maybe one of the dogs.  But I can’t rule out the cats or fish, either.  It’s a damn petting zoo over there.

“Okay, I’m back.”

“So,” I said, “how are you doing today?”  Because I care.  I’m a loving brother.

“C’mon.  What the fuck do you want?”

“I need a favor.”

“Well don’t act like a girl.  Just spit it out.”

30 days of Joy, indeed.