It’s Late…

It’s late, I just got home for work, so you get very little.

10 random thoughts:

1. You know that pic of me and my truckerstache? Well I obviously no longer have it. As a matter of fact, I’ve only shaved once since then (and that was about three weeks ago). I can actually feel my beard without touching it (that’s the best I can explain it, I’m betting guys with manly beards know what I mean). My goal is to make through Christmas without shaving. Just to do it. I’ll post pics because I’m an attention whore like that.

2. Today was a very good day. I’m suddenly happy I am on facebook, due to a very cool friend popping me a request today. That’s all I have to say about that.

3. The Lesley was of absolutely no help with blog ideas today. All she gave me was smart lip. One of her suggestions — the one where she said I should post some cleavage — made me laugh, though. For numerous reasons. And, no, you won’t get a cleavage shot. Unless it’s ass cleavage. And that, I just might do.

4. I think this writing every damn day bit is actually helping with my reviews. I wrote one on the train tonight, and the words were right there. I didn’t have to dig for them. It could be the fact that the movie was pretty bad (as in bad, this isn’t 1987 (although I wish it was)), and those seem to be the easiest to write. It could be I’m writing something every day. It could be both.

5. Joy called and said she and my nephew went and saw American Gangsta today. She was immediately corrected by my nephew that the movie is called American Gangster, not Gangsta. I giggled. On a side note, my nephew has been upset with his parents for while now due to the fact that he’s white. Seriously.

6. I truly love my co-workers Romka and Keila. They make even the shittiest days go by fast. I’m not just saying that because Romka reads this.

7. Romka is going to be down where I grew up on Thanksgiving. I warned him that he better rent a pickup truck if he plans to be there for long. Those hillbillies don’t take kindly to outsiders. I hate that town.

8. You know you’re all grown up when you get a meeting request email for happy hour. My buddy, Jafo, sent me one last week. I accepted, it went on my calendar. Today he sent another one with a date change. I responded with a “tentative”. Those who use Outlook should get that.

9. I handle laptop subsidies at work. Today, someone called for my opinion on a laptop. I also suggested an external drive. I told her 500 gigs should be plenty. I myself would like a terabyte. But only dorks need a terabyte. She laughed and said, “Yeah.” I can dig that.

10. I’m out of randomness.