I gave them a call…

About two years ago, my buddy Ace got me a pretty damn good deal on some Bose headphones.

Unfortunately, about three weeks ago, they snapped.  The headphone speakers worked just fine, but the headband was busted.   I’m not one to push Bose speakers, as I think you are paying more for name, but the headphones really did rock.

So perusing around the net, trying to figure out what to do (because I honestly didn’t want to drop $140 unless I really had to), I found that Bose had pretty good customer service reviews.  I gave them a call.

Long story short, they were extremely helpful.  Not only were they willing to replace my headphones (without a receipt!) with the a brand new pair of the latest comparable model (my model was no longer made) for $60, it was possible I could do it in store.  The latter was not a guarantee, as it was up to the store manager.

Well, since it was either wait five weeks, or take my chances at the store, I took my chances.

And, sure enough, they came through.

I have to admit, that’s phenomenal customer service.  To charge me half price for a brand new pair of $140 headphones knowing my model was not only discontinued, but receiptless, I have to give it to them.  And, because of that, there’s little doubt I’ll eventually upgrade to another pair.


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So when you aren’t snitching on people you are breaking shit.


I guess all that extra money they change goes to unparalleled customer service. Kudos to Bose. :thumbsup:


That makes me want to go buy something Bose. I have no idea what though.


Woo-hoo! It worked!

Freak Magnet

That sounds great.

Get it? Sounds great? Bose? Hahaha I’m so funny.