Here’s some music videos because I’m on the damn phone and I don’t know when I’ll get off.

Here are some music related blasts from the past.  By the past, I mean previous blog entries.

From my post when my heart got broken.


From when I rolled my car (which I bought from Joy shortly after she joined the military — boy was she pissed).


From my best of 2006 — Scissor Sisters and The Black Angels (and every single time I hear “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing,” I think of my friends Freak and Rosie). Still loving that Black Angels album.


From the O.A.R. concert I went to (and, boy, that post gets a lot of search engine hits for the 4 Non Blondes lyrics).


From when I was checking out that girl’s ass.

And to give you cat’s some ammunition you may have missed, this last one is from when I danced with the lady in red.