Here’s some music videos because I’m on the damn phone and I don’t know when I’ll get off.

Here are some music related blasts from the past.  By the past, I mean previous blog entries.

From my post when my heart got broken.


From when I rolled my car (which I bought from Joy shortly after she joined the military — boy was she pissed).


From my best of 2006 — Scissor Sisters and The Black Angels (and every single time I hear “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing,” I think of my friends Freak and Rosie). Still loving that Black Angels album.


From the O.A.R. concert I went to (and, boy, that post gets a lot of search engine hits for the 4 Non Blondes lyrics).


From when I was checking out that girl’s ass.

And to give you cat’s some ammunition you may have missed, this last one is from when I danced with the lady in red.



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How did I ever miss this story about you dancing to It’s Rainin’ Men at a gay bar? That video is all sorts of disturbing. The heart-shaped bed scene alone is enough to give me nightmares. My new favorite line in that song is now “Rip off the roof and stay in bed!” Ah, the genius of Paul Shaffer (before the CBS Orchestra, natch).

You know, whenever I hear Love Bites it makes me think of you sobbing like a bitch over your h.s. girlfriend. Sorry.


I adore the Weather Girls and the story that went with it had me howling. you rock.


Lesley, and I really thought you would be bringing up another song. Thank you for not. 😆

Snooze, I hope that one day that lady in red will find this blog.