Do your homework…

My soon to be 14 year old nephew has an AIM account that he obviously didn’t know I knew about.

Today he popped up online, and we had a little conversation.

Obviously I changed the screen names.

Here’s how it went:



The Nephew: NO NO NO

Uncle Stewie: a/s/l?

The Nephew: WHO R UUUUUUUUUU?!?!?!?!?!

Uncle Stewie: 13/f/md

The Nephew: who is this

Uncle Stewie: a secret admirer
Uncle Stewie: i see you in school

The Nephew: thts cool

Uncle Stewie: you have nice abs

The Nephew: thts nice
The Nephew: whos this

Uncle Stewie: i have to go.  i have homework.  ttyl lol

The Nephew: bye?

Uncle Stewie: this your uncle, ass
Uncle Stewie: 😆

The Nephew: well played pervert well played

Uncle Stewie: 😆

The Nephew: u suck pure nutter butter

Uncle Stewie: and your heart went a flutter
Uncle Stewie: <– poet
Uncle Stewie: just ask your mom

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Excellent exchange. And I love the reference to your poetry


Hey, you left out the part where the camera crew emerged and a guy started saying “I’m Chris Hansen, from TV’s Dateline”…



The Nephew is totally cool, but he needs to take pedophile 101. That went on too long. :dead:


Snooze, thanks! I’m sure he asked her, too. And I’m sure she read my very special poems to him. 😡

Lesley, :lol:.

Mitch, at least we didn’t set a date. :dead: