You bring it on yourself…

Dear single women of MySpace,

If you check the box that says here for “relationships” or “dating”, it might be in your best interest to not set your profile to “private”.

Men (like women) tend to want to see what the person looks like before they communicate with them to see if they would be attracted to them.  You putting a picture of your favorite stuffed animal as your profile pic, then ticking your profile to private probably isn’t in your best interest if you are looking to meet someone.

For those that do have a public profile, one tiny picture of you from when you graduated and 47 pictures of your kids won’t help your case either.  Now I know that seems a little harsh, and I know you love your kids (the “Proud Parent” tells me that), but if you are out there scoping for some men, they are passing you right by.  (Note, those without kids who have 47 pictures of your cats instead, um, go ahead and forget about being contacted as there is something seriously wrong with you.)

And, finally, to those who put up half naked pictures of yourself, crawling across the bed in your thong, please stop writing the blogs on why men suck and how there are no good men left and you are tired of being used.  You bring it on yourself.


Stewie Redrum, Esq.

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Is this your way of saying your looking for love on myspace, is that why you asked me if Fall Out Boy was 1, 2 of 3 words.


I just read this right after I discovered that tonight there’s a marathon of “Dateline: To Catch a Predator” on CNBC tonight.

Coincidence? I think not!


I’m so happy you two asses are in the same place at the same time.



Sagely advice, Stewie, that will no doubt go unheeded.

sparkling Red

Oh Lord, I am so grateful I’m not dating. There is no more surreal world than the world of online mate-searching.

Freak Magnet

You were looking at my myspace again, weren’t you?


Mitch, :lol:. Probably.

Red, actually I like love being single. I just look at the single women around me so if I see them in town I’ll know they’ll single. What I’ll do with that info, I do not know. 😆

Freak, is yours set to private? One of my myspace friends called me on this blog and I had no idea hers was set to private. 😆


You should be grateful that they post their neuroses. Then you can just skip over the profile and not find out on a date that they have 50 cats. As for posting profile pics, I agree that people need to post at least one if they are looking to date.