Thanks again…

Dear Daniel Snyder,

Thanks for another fantastic football Sunday!

I’m not as mad as I was when Redskins lost to Philly because they gave the game to Philly.  Today they weren’t even in it.

I really do like the 6 turnovers today, that was a nice gesture — especially when 4 of them came in the first half.  Awesome.  The offense really outdid themselves.

Looking at the schedule, I’d be surprised if Redskins win two to of remaining games. 

But, hey, let’s look on the bright side.  We win just one more we’ll be 6 – 10, and that’s an improvement from last year’s 5 – 11, no?

Thanks again!


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Philly has a football team? Who knew? Well, apparently you did. Sheesh, I feel like I have to read some sort of NFL guide before reading your posts. Can you go back to talking about boobs?


I’m down to merely checking the score after the game is over. I can’t bare to watch anymore. 😡


OMG we both did sports posts today.



At least you’re not sitting there going “hey, three wins! it’s better than last season already!”


I am still mad at them for losing to Philly. I fucking HATE it when Philly wins!

Did you know that some newspapers won’t print the name “Redskins”? Some news reporters won’t say it either. I like to watch them try to dance around it and use stupid terms like “the Washington football team.” Jackasses.


Snooze, you are absolutely right. I should get back to the boobs. Boobs. mmmmmmmmm.

Mitch, it’s disgusting.

Fnordboy, please stop intentionally drawing me out in your blog. 😆

Ace, yeah, true. I could be a Miami fan, too. Excellent point.

Lesley, years ago Sports Illustrated did a poll on what people the Redskins’ name irritated. They found that of the people polled, the biggest group who thought it should be changed were women between 45 – 65 (or something). The Indians Native Americans they polled, for the most part, didn’t give a shit. It was a fascinating article.