We can call it sheepish rage…

I was at Midas yesterday getting my oil changed, when the following conversation took place between Joe (the guy that works the counter) and a customer.

"It’s not ready yet?  I thought it was almost ready," the customer said.  A smite irritated.

"It’s almost ready, sir, but what they are doing to it, while easy, takes a little bit of time.  They are straightening steel," Joe replied.  I like Joe a lot.  I’ve seen him handle irate customers.  He never raises his voice, he does what he can to please them, but he won’t be pushed around.  Usually, the more pissed a customer becomes, the more bored Joe becomes.

"Well when I called, they told me it would only take a half hour, and I wouldn’t need an appointment."

"Generally, sir, we don’t take appointments on Saturdays.  They shouldn’t have told you a half hour, I apologize for that."

"It just doesn’t make any sense.  I called.  I called and they told me it wouldn’t take long," the customer continued.

As he was going back with Joe, his car was pulled around front.

"Your car’s ready," said Joe.  Emotionless.

"I still can’t believe it," the customer said, heading toward the front door.

"If you’d like," said Joe, "I can make an appointment for you this week."

"I’ll just take my business elsewhere!!" The customer exclaimed as he walked out the front door, no doubt heading to the golf course to tell all of his buddies how he told off Midas as he walked out the door!

Oh oh.

Now wouldn’t you know it, he left his laptop case on the chair.  I saw it before he noticed it was gone.  I looked at it and looked at him walking to his car, debating whether or not to call him back.  I had already decided on "no", because the guy was acting like a typical customer ass, when he realized he had left it behind.  Damn.

Don’t you hate it when you think you got the last word, but then had to go back and face the people you had the last word to because you forgot something?  If you were with me yesterday, you would have seen what you looked like re-entering that door you slammed in anger not one minute before.  We can call it sheepish rage.

So Ivan I’mNotShoppingHereAgain comes back in the shop, zeros in on his case, grabs it and starts heading out the door.  Joe waits until the dude is halfway out the door and calls out to him.

"Sir, you’re going to need your keys."

The guy’s shoulders visibly slumped.  "I thought they were in the car."

"No sir.  I have them right here."

The customer walked back to the counter, grabbed the keys and left the shop.  The exit wasn’t so dramatic this time.

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Joe sounds great. You must have died laughing after watching that scene.

Sparkling Red

Aha! A perfect opportunity to use one of my favourite expressions:

Hoist by his own petard!