Again with the two posts…

This past weekend was the engagement party for one of my best friends.

This past weekend was the reason I suffered through the whole suit buying ordeal.

This past weekend was a blast.

Saturday started off really great and kind of depressing all at the same time because Saturday was the day they filmed my part for this movie I’ve been involved with for the past couple months (blog on that later). It was depressing in its own way because it was the last day of the shoot. But I get to be in a movie, with a speaking part. Yeah, it’s three words, but it’s three words in a movie.

Anyway, I left the shoot, headed home, picked up my suit and headed to Steve’s house. Long story short, he lives about an hour away from me, and since we had to get up early to do the Vietnamese engagement (which is NOT your ordinary engagement party, it’s much more complex and interesting), I decided to crash at his house.

Look, I could go into everything that happened Saturday night and Sunday morning/afternoon, but I’m not going to now. The good stuff is the party at Steve’s house after the engagement ceremony.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Steve is Vietnamese. As is his fiance. Between them, they have a LOT of Vietnamese friends. As a matter of fact, the only “white” people at his party were Alex (Steve’s friend from college), Roman (my Russian co-worker), Christina (Roman’s fiance), Jeanne (another co-worker) and myself. That’s five. Five. Out of fifty.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I was not uncomfortable in the least. I’ve been to enough of Steve’s parties to know quite a few of the people there, so it was no big deal. Plus, the women were just smoking hot. A sea of Vietnamese women. It was heaven. Yet, it was also hell, because for every Asian woman, there was her Asian boyfriend. Yeah, every honey that showed up was accompanied by her man. Didn’t stop me from looking, though.

Anyway, somehow Alex, Roman and I ended up in the driveway drinking, smoking and all around bullshitting while everyone else was in the backyard doing the same. Every time someone arrived, looking unsure if they were at the right house, we directed them to the back.

Then something dawned on me. And I shared it with Alex and Roman.

We were segregating the party.

Slant eyes in the back, round eyes up front.

A good laugh was had on that one.

And here I am pimping. Ladies look out.

pimp daddy

(Click it, it’s clearer)

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Freak Magnet

I can almost hear you thinking, “Yeah, that’s right, ladies – I’m hot. You want me. You know it, I know it.


Miss Jodi

“S****’s too sexy for his suit, too sexy for his suit….”–lookin’ good, Man! 🙂 Do you use the Picasa link to post your photos?