Got tagged by Snooze…

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3) list six seemingly unimportant habits or quirks about yourself
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Got tagged by Snooze. I won’t link her as I’m never quite sure if she wants me too.

1. I am attracted to all women, but I find women of color very attractive. I’m not just talking about black women, but women of color in general. Except for redheads. Those rule above all (which is ironic, as they seem to have the whitest skin). This may surprise some (Tom). 😆

2. I count go down the stove knobs five times each when I’m leaving the house (off, off,off,off,off. off, off, off, off, off. off, off, off, off, off. You get it). I do the same as I jiggle the doorknob (locked, locked, locked, locked, locked).

3. No joke makes me laugh harder than a sexist one. I don’t apologize for that. Just because a joke may not necessarily be true doesn’t make it any less funny.

4. I have a cat. His name is Mr. Jingles. I did not name him, I did not pick him out, I was just stuck with him.

5. I am an extremely aggressive driver. Joy has constantly warned me she will hang up the phone if I don’t stop yelling at people who can’t hear me instead of talking to her.

6. And I hate talking on the phone. Hate it. There are very few people that can keep me on the phone for more than five minutes. Yet, when I was younger, I was on the phone so much my parents let me get my own phone line, provided I pay for it. I happily did.

I think everyone I know has been tagged. If you haven’t, I tag you.