Got tagged by Snooze…

1) Link to the person who tagged you
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3) list six seemingly unimportant habits or quirks about yourself
4) tag six other people and post the tag in the comments on their blogs

Got tagged by Snooze. I won’t link her as I’m never quite sure if she wants me too.

1. I am attracted to all women, but I find women of color very attractive. I’m not just talking about black women, but women of color in general. Except for redheads. Those rule above all (which is ironic, as they seem to have the whitest skin). This may surprise some (Tom). 😆

2. I count go down the stove knobs five times each when I’m leaving the house (off, off,off,off,off. off, off, off, off, off. off, off, off, off, off. You get it). I do the same as I jiggle the doorknob (locked, locked, locked, locked, locked).

3. No joke makes me laugh harder than a sexist one. I don’t apologize for that. Just because a joke may not necessarily be true doesn’t make it any less funny.

4. I have a cat. His name is Mr. Jingles. I did not name him, I did not pick him out, I was just stuck with him.

5. I am an extremely aggressive driver. Joy has constantly warned me she will hang up the phone if I don’t stop yelling at people who can’t hear me instead of talking to her.

6. And I hate talking on the phone. Hate it. There are very few people that can keep me on the phone for more than five minutes. Yet, when I was younger, I was on the phone so much my parents let me get my own phone line, provided I pay for it. I happily did.

I think everyone I know has been tagged. If you haven’t, I tag you.

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Sparkling Red

Hey, wow, I have the same things I have to check when I leave the house – what are the odds? I go over the stove knobs for four cycles, then I have to sniff for any leaking gas (I used to live in a house with a leaky gas stove, and once the gas guy actually had to come with his Explosometer – yes that’s what it was officially called – because the pilot lights went out). So my obsession is partially based on fact. Checking the front door is just totally OCD and based on nothing.


So basically you’re saying you’re a sexist, racist, OCD, cat-owning, road-raging phone hater? Got it.

Freak Magnet

Nice to know you’re still neurotic even after I’m gone. Nice to know you can even trust yourself.

Freak Magnet

Can’t. You CAN’T trust yourself.

Especially if you accidentally unlock the door as you pull the key out and just don’t turn the knob hard enough to make sure it’s locked.

do you still keep your razor plugged in? I noticed that plug used to get pretty damn hot. Coupled with the fact it’s right next to your bottle of flammable alcohol hair gel, doesn’t sound pretty.


Thanks for playing! I love your OCD habits. I run back up my stairs once to check the stove after I reach the front door.

dorothy gale

First of all, #6 is so not you !!! You are one of the few guys I know that will talk for a long time on the phone.#5. I totally agree with you, it’s just that I hate not having your attention when on the phone. Just last week I accidentally yelled at a guy on 97south, “Bitch, I hope you get cancer on the way home.” It’s not so much that I accidentally yelled it and felt guilty or anything like that. I accidentally yelled it with your niece in the front seat with me. I did tell her… Read more »


Joy, you are one of the few people mentioned that I will be on the phone with for more than five minutes.


Red, :lol:. It’s funny. I know what I’m doing is OCD. I KNOW it. I can’t stop it though.

Lesley, learn it, live it. 😆

Freak, the razor plugged in doesn’t bother me. Porcelain doesn’t burn. And the gel is on the opposite side of the sink. :yay:

Tequila Mockingbird

hmm sexist jokes ARE pretty hillarious… but i think i’m rather partial to dead baby jokes.


Can’t deny the dead baby jokes. Back in the day I had volumes one AND two of 101 dead baby jokes.