That’s how she is…

A couple of months ago, Joy called and offered up a cruise to me. Long story short, she had won one, got a deal on the other, pops wanted to go, so I was all for it to split the bill with my dad.

Alas, the cruise overbooked, my sister gave the f you to me and my dad, and she is now somewhere between Florida and Mexico living it up.

I called my parents’ house last night to talk to my dad about football, and my mother informed me he was over Joy’s watching the kids. So I called over there.

“Hello?” He answered, a little flustered. My money is he was flustered not because of the kids, but he probably was fumbling with the phone.

“Let me get this straight,” I started. “Joy offers you a cruise, takes it away, then makes you watch her kids?”

“That’s how she is,” was the reply. And we both laughed.

He’s right. That’s how she is. And there’s no doubt she will laugh when she reads this.

(And please note, I don’t blame Joy for the cruise being overbooked. I do, however, find it amusing that my dad is watching his grandkids when he can be playing shuffleboard.)

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Sparkling Red

I guess Joy doesn’t allow herself to get bogged down by guilt.


Are you sure the cruise is overbooked? maybe she just figured out she didn’t want the whole fambily along after all.


Lucky Joy! Lucky to have her cruise and free babysitters!

dorothy gale

Guilt is for the weak. I gave your dad two beautiful grandchildren, gifts from above if you will. Frankly I’m a little surprised he didn’t ask ME if he could watch the kids. You should stop all that sniffling about not going on the cruise…after all, I’m the one that is suffering over here with my sun burn and all. Oh and by the way, you need to come down soon because I have a lovely parting gift for you. I picked it up in The Keys.


Aurora, I’m the lucky one. I won’t say why, as I won’t spoil this one. But some stellar pics should be coming some time in march.

Joy, I’m wondering if dad will be so willing to watch your daughter next time you go somewhere. 😆