Now I don’t know what to think…

Last week I checked out American Gangster.  It was pretty good, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should give it a whirl.

Anywho, the day after I watched it a co-worker, Keila, and I were discussing it.

“You know,” I said, “American Gangster was pretty good, but now I’m confused.”

“Why’s that?” Keila asked.

“Well, in Boyz n the Hood, Laurence Fishburne said that drugs were brought over by the white man to keep the black man down.  Yet American Gangster shows that it was a black man that brought over the drugs.  Now I don’t know what to think.”

Keila studied me for a moment.

“Stewie,” she said, as if to a small child, “you have got to stop trying to learn about my people by watching movies.”

Laughter ensued.

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I’m glad that your capacity for being an ass is color blind. Is this the co-worker you showed the “Stuff White People Like” blog to?


Reminds me of the time a (black) co-worker at my college paper asked if I’d ever studied my Vietnamese heritage.

I told her, sure.

I’ve seen “Platoon,” “Full Metal Jacket” and “Hamburger Hill”!

Sparkling Red

What, Hollywood movies aren’t reliable sources of social truths?

My whole worldview just crumbled. :shake:


Hey, there are some good documentaries out there about how Hollywood manipulates racial stereotypes. My fave is one which shows how dumb/comic animals in Disney always have Latino or black accents. Evil animals are French or German. It’s kind of embarrassing if you’d never noticed it before. Then there’s another one about stereotypes of Asian women: the journalist, the dragon, the concubine. And finally… can’t forget Aunt Jemima on the pancake box. There, your education is well and truly done now. Have fun…


Go Stewie! Go Stewie! :yay:


I’m kind of intrigued about the doc on Asian women.

Knowing Stewie, he is, too, but in a different way. (He might skip to the concubine parts…)

I have one on why Asian actors are only the leads in movies where they fight.


Okay, I tagged you in a meme. Get posting