Architecturally, it’s beautiful…

The past two weeks I’ve been out of town on a much needed vacation or, what one of my friends calls, Dorkapaloza ’08.

Rather than go through the entire trip itinerary all at once, I’ll start with the first few days.

I flew out from BWI (that’s Baltimore Washington International for you non-locals) headed for Tennessee for leg one of my journey.

Originally, I was to drive out to Tennessee with my buddy Zig, but he had to head out earlier than expected so I ended up buying a plane ticket ($64 on Southwest, woot!). I love Southwest. I’ve flown them twice and had positive experiences both times. Plus, you can’t beat the prices. I’ve heard some people bitch about them but, really, what do you expect? When they cost half of other airlines you can’t demand too much service. You get what you pay for, and they’ve been good to me both times (especially this time when not only did the plane take off on time, but it landed early and I was the second person off the plane). There was a slight hiccup when they thought they left my luggage in Baltimore, but that was simply a case of the conveyor belt getting backed up. So, from the get go, I knew things were going to be good.

(On a side note, I did see a live performance of some country music singer at the airport. I’m fairly certain he was a nobody, though. And he was probably a little depressed that he was singing in an airport. An empty one at that.)

Anywho, Zig picked me up at the airport and, after a couple of errands, we headed back to his friend’s, David’s, house (where would be staying for most of the time I was down there).

I didn’t do much in Tennessee but meet Zig’s friends and watch bad movies. Some would think that is a bad thing, but oh, laws no. M-O-O-N, that spells awesome time. Everyone knows that. Most of Zig’s friends are in the film industry, and they all had fantastic stories to tell. (Stories, sadly, that I cannot repeat here. But I will say that if I didn’t before, I’m going to enjoy Tom Sizemore’s movies just a little bit more now.)

While all of the people I met were great, I have to credit Travis of Red State Update and The Travis and Jonathan Show for having the best line I heard while I was in Tennessee. Travis was on the phone talking to a friend. I only heard his side of the conversation, but that’s all that I really needed.

“And remember, he’s not retarded and he doesn’t have a speech impediment. He’s British is all.”

Couple that line with a thick Tennessee accent and you have comedy gold.

Anywho, when we weren’t hanging out with Zig’s and David’s friends, we were watching bad horror on David’s awesome home theater and if you know me, I was pretty much in heaven.

However, there was one place I really wanted to check out while I was down in Nashville and Zig and David made it happen. The Tennessee State Penitentiary.

I’m a sucker for movie locations, and I knew the prison was near Nashville. Fortunately, Zig and David knew exactly where it was and took me up there for a couple of pics. David was even game enough to drive me around the prison, until a prison guard came driving up in a van and suggested we leave because there were still inmates on the grounds. I guess we shouldn’t have ignored the “NO UNAUTHORIZED VEHICLES BEYOND THIS POINT” three times.

But, I got my pictures, so that’s all that matters.

If the prison looks familiar, it should. You’ve scene it in The Green Mile and The Last Castle.

It’s a damn shame that the prison is in such disrepair. Architecturally, it’s beautiful.

So, from Tuesday through Thursday was a bunch of hanging out and having fun. But Friday, we got in a car to head to Dallas for more fun, starting with a convention.

That should go up tomorrow.

(Two unrelated side notes: To Snooze, I got your meme and I’ll do it. To my ex-girlfriend, either pay your fucking bills or update your phone number so it’s NOT MINE. Dumbass.)

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Sparkling Red

I love that line about the British accent. It turns all the stereotypes about snobby Brits upside down to suggest that their accent makes them sound retarded. And the Queen has a speech impediment Ha!


The links to the shows are hilarious.

You’re right that the prison is a gorgeous building, but with all the bad karma of how prisoners used to be [and often still are] abused, I think they should be torn down.

dorothy gale

I love the 2nd picture. Were you up high on a hill ? Oh and P.S. You shouldn’t talk that way towards your old girlfriend.(I’m assuming I’m to leave her name out.) You know your mother loves her still.

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Amazing castle. I could see getting some fun pictures of that. Particularly around sunset. Looks like you had good weather. Mmm, sun…

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