This would be our last night in Texas…

So here comes Dorkapalooza ’08 part three. (Part one and part two).

Cigarettes and coffee…the breakfast of champions.

We woke up pretty early on Sunday, because Sunday was a big day. We were going to Austin. We had big plans in Austin. So we were going to get on the road early. However, due to nobody remembering the stupid time change, we got on the road about an hour later than we planned to. No worries, though. It wasn’t like Austin was 10 hours away.

But before we left Dallas, we had to make one planned stop. The Texas School Book Depository. Or, as I kept referring to it, that place where that guy was shot.

I used to be a firm believer in the conspiracy theory surrounding Kennedy’s assassination, but over the years I’ve believed less and less in it. After seeing where Kennedy was shot, and where Oswald was shooting from, it’s pretty damn feasible he acted alone. Where the shots were fired was much closer than I ever expected and, to be quite honest, I could have a good chance making the shot.

Interestingly enough, there are two X’s on the main strip in front of the Book Depository. One where Kennedy was popped in the neck, one for the head shot.

As we were on a schedule, we didn’t have time to take the full blown tour of the Depository (which my dad highly recommended), but I wanted to get up to the sixth floor to snap a picture of that. I almost did, too. I almost paid the $15 fee just to get up there. Until I saw the “No Photography” sign. Boy, that was a pisser.

After we got the pictures we wanted, we crowded into the rental and headed toward Austin. The trip itself was rather uneventful (just goofy conversation), but there was a rather interesting building at the travel stop where we ate.

Good thing I snapped that, too, because one of the old timers at the stop informed me that they were tearing it down soon. I’ve never even been inside that Starship Enterprise, but I know that little town is losing a landmark. (On a side note, there was a country band playing live at that Sonic/Gas Station/Beef Jerky stop we ate it. That was interesting. Not interesting enough to take a picture, but interesting nonetheless.)

We drove on.

Just before Austin, we made another scheduled stop. This time in Leander, Texas. We were there to see a little cemetery.

Look familiar? To horror fans, it might. It’s seen in the very beginning of an incredibly influential movie filmed in Texas in the ’70s.

I’m not saying whether or not I climbed on the headstone. I will say I’m probably going to hell.

And on we went.

I had called a friend, Chuk, on the way down to Austin, and he was cool enough to recommend a place for BBQ in the city, where he and his wife would meet up with us for dinner. (And I had to laugh when, as I was on the phone with Chuk, I heard him say to his wife that he was talking to “…an internet friend!” Chuk is a regular poster over at HorrorTalk, so I figured since I was in Austin, it would be nice to meet him in real life.)

The joint Chuk recommended was Stubb’s Bar-B-Q, and if you are ever in Austin, I highly recommend their sausage. Great stuff. I also recommend giving Chuk and Susie, his beautiful wife, a call, because they were fantastic company.

Chuk surprised me with a gift of some homemade salsa. And by homemade, I mean homemade. Chuk grows his own peppers and makes this stuff on his stove. Of the two, I’ve only tapped into “New Years Evil”, and it’s easily the hottest salsa I’ve ever had. The stuff makes my eyes water, and that’s a great thing.

We finished up dinner, we said our goodbyes, and Zig, David and I piled into a car to head for Kingsland, Texas. This would be our last night in Texas, but where we were to stay was going to be a key part of our trip.

More on that, tomorrow.

(Again, if you know, please don’t comment on it. 🙂 )

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What a phenomenal road trip! I can’t believe the bit about the x’s on the road. How morbid is that?

Very cool about the cemetery. Did you stay there after dark?

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