Without further adieu…

When we last left the Dorkapalooza ’08 tour (part one, two and three), we were leaving to Kingsland, Texas, for one of the final legs of our journey (and one of my most looked forward to parts).

As Kingsland is about an hour or so west of Austin, by the time we got to our destination, it was too dark to truly appreciate what we were there to see. Yet, at the same time, I’m glad I scoped it out in the dark, as it was significantly creepy… all things considered.

The house we were there to see was literally right across the street from the cottage we were staying in. The cottage, while nice, was a bit of a creepfest itself. So creepy, I did about the biggest, dorkiest thing I’ve done this year: EVP work. I will not explain what that is. Those who know will just laugh. (No, I did not ask any questions, I just through a recorder in the bedroom I was sleeping in and one in the kitchen area.)

Anyway, after walking around the house across the street, David, Zig and I headed back to the cottage where we watched some TV before hitting the sack (in addition to the 13 hour drive back to Nashville the next day, we had an early afternoon appointment in Austin, so we wanted to be well rested). The TV show we happened to watch was a “Simpsons” re-run and, ironically enough, it was an episode where Bart took his girlfriend to a drive-in movie, and the movie playing referenced the house we were in Kingsland to see. Spooky.

Without further adieu, here are the pics of one of the highlights of the Texas trip:

Look familiar? Here’s a hint (I mean, besides the fact that it’s in Texas).

Dallas08 Dallas09

The above are from the movie. I wish that chicky was there.


The inside (I had to take the picture through glass because the restaurant (which this now is) was closed.


From the movie.


I’m obviously on some steps.


ZOMG LOOK OUT! (This really didn’t happen while I was on the steps. This is from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre).

So, yeah, that’s where we went while we were out there. Definitely a very, very cool experience.

While I’m not a huge fan of the movie, I certainly recognize it’s place in the genre, and I’ve developed a new appreciation for the film over the past few years. Plus, considering my history with it, having the opportunity to see it in person was something.

A couple more pics:


I’m holding an INVISIBLE CHAINSAW. (Yes, I’m quite aware of the dork level on this, thankyouverymuch.)


I hated Franklin and I was happy when he died.

After we checked out the house for a bit, we packed our stuff in the car and headed back to Austin for one final thing.


This isn’t the final thing. This is just a picture of me at a scenic overlook.

The final thing happened to be something stored at the Harry Ransom Center. That would be the actual mask used in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.


While we weren’t able to photograph it (DAMMIT), it was pretty neat to see it in real life. I have to give mad props to Zig for arranging this excursion, as I would never have been able to see it without his credentials. It’s a lot smaller than I expected.

We oogled over the mask for a bit, then we left the Center and headed back to the car. We would have tooted around Austin a bit more, but it was rainy and dreary and we had quite the ride ahead of us. I did take a picture of one of the coolest (or, at least, one of the most amusing) band (?) posters I’ve seen.


I would love this in my office.

The route we took back to Nashville had us going through Dallas again, so I’ll finish this blog with pics I took as we were cruising through.

Dallas16 Dallas15


I have a few more pics from Nashville, but I’ll throw them up later.

But this road trip was definitely one helluva great time from beginning to end.


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Sparkling Red

Is that a real giraffe?

Great photos. Although at this point I’m drooling over any images of a land without snow. 😉


So, any results with your EVPs, Grant AR?


Stewie, those are great pics you got. I think you very well captured your trip. I would have been scared out of my mind and I haven’t even seen the movie.


I had to Google EVP. I almost peeed myself I was laughing so much. Aw, Stewie, I’m impressed you confessed to having done that.


Sorry for the late ass replies, had another dorky week(end).

Sparks, nope. I wish I had something for scale. It was this huge thing made of metal. One of its legs was taller than me.

Shiki, I’m afraid to listen. 🙁

Snooze, thanks and :lol:. Yeah, the EVP was total dork, but I couldn’t resist. 😆