The dork train…

The dork train has just not stopped since I got on it a month ago (or, 35 years ago, depending on who you ask).

This past weekend was HorrorFind Weekend 9, and the theme was quite obviously “the Dead”. In addition to some pretty cool celebrities (Tony Candyman Todd, Dee Cujo and The Howling Wallace and Cerina Cabin holyhellshe’shot Fever Vincent), this HorrorFind was a 40th Anniversary Night of the Living Dead reunion and 30th Anniversary Dawn of the Dead reunion.

Now I love these two flicks (and I really love Dawn of the Dead — it’s my favorite horror movie of all time, and in my top 3 of all around favorite movies), and this would be quite an event if I hadn’t met most of the people at one con or another.

But the one person I’d never met (although I’ve been at a con he was signing at) was George Romero. He was at a HorrorFind a couple years back, but there was no way I was waiting in line for a couple hours to see him. I don’t mean any disrespect to the man, by any means, because he’s certainly worth waiting in line for. It’s the fact that I could very well go insane standing that close to people I don’t know for that long.

Lucky me, though, Sunday was a slow day and Romero’s line was surprisingly short. Taking advantage, I jumped in line, only to realize that I had neglected to bring my DVD to get signed. I checked out some of the mini-posters that you could buy from his table, but the price was WAY to high ($35 for an 11×16 poster. Sure it’s signed, but I couldn’t justify it). But pictures with Romero were free, and that’s what I wanted most, anyway.


After thanking him for starting my love of horror (he didn’t believe it, he’s a modest guy), Zig (who was obviously with me) and I headed to the second celebrity room down the hall, where I wanted to get a picture with someone who’s relatively new to the convention circuit.


That, dear readers, is the wonderful PJ Soles. You’d know her from such films as Halloween, Carrie and, most recently The Devil’s Rejects.



While she was an insufferable bitch in Carrie, she is excruciatingly nice in real life. As I mentioned on HorrorTalk, as far as stars I’ve met, she’s right up there with Dee Wallace as the best.

As par for the course, it was a great weekend, with a nice closer at Zig’s house, where his missus made dinner. Those two always make good dinner when I’m over there. I hope they make good dinner when I’m not, because I’m starting to feel like that single friend they feel sorry for because he doesn’t cook for himself. 😆

(But that’s okay if they do, because they always have something good to eat.)

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I would leave a comment but I’m too busy bitching about all the Myspace and Facebook reminders I’ve been getting about your damn birthday that’s coming up. :hitler:

Oh wait. That’s not me. That was YOU four months ago when it was MY birthday. Silly me.




(and it’s still funny).



Happy Birthday to you and your dad.


Eeeeeeeee!!!!!!! PJ SOLES!!!!!! I love her. I had no idea about her horror history. I know her from Stripes and my all time fave, Rock and Roll High School with the Ramones (hence her CBGB t-shirt) I’m so impressed you got to meet her. Oh, this just made my day.

Apparently it was your birthday. I hope you had a good one!!!