And, no, I don’t have any excuse for Air Supply…

I was helping a user out at work the other day with her new laptop, and we got to talking about music.

Long story short, she is a fan of ’80s tunes (and, really, who isn’t?) and I told her I’d shoot her a list of what I owned and if she saw anything on it, let me know.

Before I sent her the email, I glanced over what I did own, and made an addendum to the unsent email:

“And, no, I don’t have any excuse for Air Supply. I can’t even remember why it’s there. I don’t even listen to it, but I know I downloaded it for a reason. Now it sounds like I’m feeling guilty and trying to explain my way out of it.”

Shortly after I sent it, I got her reply:

“As long as I don’t come across Tiffany, Debbie G., or the like, I’ll hold my tongue.”

“Holy hell. Don’t open that .txt document at all, then.” Came my rebuttal, lame as it was.

I looked at my mp3s again, a little closer, after I sent that reply.

I’m in for a beat down.