They don’t have PS3s over there…

Joy had a party on Sunday, and I headed down Saturday night to hang out with the family.

I had brought down a bunch of movies with me, none of which Joy was interested in (she wasn’t even keen on watching my awesome home video of the Dallas trip… the nerve!), but Cody, my nephew, was all for some Kung Fu action.

In one of the movies we were watching, a little Asian village boy had an insect tied to a string, watching it fly around and around.

“What the… What is he doing?” My nephew asked.

“That’s entertainment for him, Cody,” I explained.  “They don’t have PS3s over there.”

“But isn’t that where they make them?”

Oh my.

I couldn’t argue with that.

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That’s too funny.

Sparkling Red

Was that the 64 bit Bug on a String or the 128 bit BS2?


The token Asian has to leave a comment of some kind.

But I can’t think of anything witty.

Out of the mouths of babes…


Was it set back in time?


What I mean is, the scene you describe intrigues me but I can’t see that happening in many countries in modern day Asia.

dororthy gale

So I don’t understand why he had the bug tied up. And… I have asked you several times before not to put my children’s real names, (Cody in this instance) on the computer. People will try to steal them.


Even if they had PS3s, they’d still watch the flies.

It’s all Xbox360, baby. PS3 blows.


Dude what happened to you? Are you off trying to tie strings to flies or perhaps downloading cool songs to make up for your embarassing 80s iPod list?