This isn’t the entry I planned on…

This isn’t the entry I planned on making, but since I just rebuilt my PC, I have to reinstall everything and I have to test the pic uploading on Windows Live Writer (what I use to post blog entries with).

Anywho, I love exploitation movies, and I love the posters almost more than the movies. Tooling around the interwebs last night, I found the motherload of exploitation posters over at Bosnuk’s public photo album (thanks, Bosnuk!). Not only does the person have some stellar posters, he (or she) saved them in HUGE sizes.

So, what better way to test out the image hosting than by posting a little Gator Bait.

God that’s hot.

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Wow, the person who made that poster is HORRIBLE at math! Half animal, all woman? Doesn’t that add up to 150%? (50% animal, 100% woman?)



Wow, that is a pretty impressive poster collection. I think I’m going to stitch a load of them together and make PC wallpaper. I love the old artwork. 😀