Not that I’m complaining…

When I was a kid, I used to love getting the mail. It was very rare that something was ever for me (excluding the days around my birthday and Christmas, of course), but it didn’t matter. The mailbox held a mystery every day (sans Sundays and holidays), and I never know if that mystery would be something for me.

As an adult, I still look forward to checking the mail. Granted, it’s now more bills and junk then anything cool, but there are still those days where I get pleasant surprised in my mailbox, be it review screeners for HorrorTalk, the latest Hard Case Crime book, things I’ve ordered online or, as in the case of yesterday, something I’ve been waiting forever for.

Now, in order to keep the suspense, I have to tell the back story.

About two months ago it was brought to my attention that DVD & Blu-ray Review (only the UK’s best selling DVD review mag) published reader reviews and, if I were interested, I should send in a two hundred word review on a movie of my choice, and, if selected, I’d get published.

Hmmmmmmmm. To sit on my ass and do nothing, or write something up and try to get into one of UK’s biggest entertainment mags.

Yeah, it’s pretty brainless on the choice I made.

Well, about a month ago, I was informed that I would be in the mag. I was instructed to send a picture of myself for the publication. Which I did.

About a week ago, I was informed that I would be getting a package in the mail shortly, containing a copy of the magazine, amongst other things.

Yesterday, it was in my mailbox.

Oh, what an absolute pleasure it was ripping open that package to get to the goodies inside. I felt like a kid at Christmas when he rip opens the present, flinging tissue paper everywhere just to get to the good stuff.

First I did a preliminary flip through the magazine first, to see if I could catch my review quickly (I had zero idea where it would be). That non-scientific experiment yielded nothing but a waste of precious seconds. I forced myself to calm down, and took the magazine page by page. Fortunately for me, and God bless you DVD & Blue-ray Review, I was right there on page seven. Bottom left hand side. Quarter page. With a stellar picture, if I don’t say so myself.

I haven’t read through the entire magazine yet (although I have read my own words about a gajillion times now), but I’ve been told to read over a particular article very closely. I’m not quite sure what that means, but I have a vague idea.

So, if you want to read a kick ass review (or just want to see my handsome mug in a magazine, like I know you do), pick up the latest issue of DVD & Blu-ray Review (it’s the one with The Wire on the cover, just look at the picture below). According to their site, it’s sold everywhere. Suckily enough, I can’t find it around my way, although I used to be able to. Looks like Madden will have to wait another couple weeks, because I’ll be dropping that coin on ordering a couple more issues of the magazine for framing purposes. Not that I’m complaining.

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Well done man. Like I said in PM, I have this issue sitting on the table (last of my now cancelled subscription – damn too much BR/DVD crossover in single reviews. HATE HATE FUCKING HATE) and if I had opened it up to your mug I’d have fucking pissed myself laughing. Would have been better if you used that ‘gormless’ pic though.


Congrats! Sounds awesome. What else was in the package? Some weird British shit?


Congrats on the Mag review…sounds like your not getting Madden because you are very afraid…. of the shit talk and swagger I would lay upon you. GO EAGLES, go a little less redskins. (fore-skins)..haha


🙂 What can I say? Well done son, I always knew you are a gifted soul.

dorothy gale

I think Nancy just conditioned you to believe that you liked getting the mail… In all actuality she was just trying to get you closer and closer to the street. She told me on the phone.


Sweet. Now, where is the scan of the article? >:(


🙂 There she goes again. Thirty nine and still trying to cause trouble.


Congrats Stewie! I agree with romkashka. Where’s the scan?


Dude, getting your picture and review in DVD & Blu-Ray Review is so last month. But they say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, so I guess I shouldn’t mock. :p

And I had flowers too.


I’ll check my local B&N – sometimes they carry foreign stuff! Way to go!