Lazy blog…

This is one of those email forward things. And yes, it is a lazy entry. I have a ton of things to write, but I haven’t formed their sentences yet. Soon, though.

Name six things in your purse/wallet

– Coffee shop stamp card. One more and the next one’s free!
– Visa check card–my life blood
– 10 bucks. 5 for parking, 5 for smokes. It’s water for lunch tomorrow
– Car wash stamp card. Three more and a free wash!
– Best buy card.

Name five things that made you happy this week

– Finally getting the Audioslave album.
– A smile returned from a hottie at the metro parking lot.
– Audioscrobbler back up and running.
– Picking up The Italian Job for 6 bucks. A pleasent surprise.
– Finalizing this weekends plans. 2 great friends and I finding time to hang out.

Name four things you’d like to do before the end of your lifetime

– See London.
– Move out West.
– See Spain.
– Knock out the rest of the things on my “sex” list.

Name three things you plan on doing this weekend

– Watch Dawn of the Dead (theatrical cut!)
– Have lunch with my two best friends.
– Coffee.

Name two things you’d buy for yourself if you had the money

– A jeep and drive cross country, taking my time.
– A house where the nearest neighbors are miles away.

Name one good thing about the last person you talked to

– Nicki is the most giving person I know.

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Freak Magnet

Oh crap.

Was I talking in my sleep again?

What did I give you?



Freak Magnet

I gave you bathroom?

Are YOU talking in your sleep NOW?


I flew out and got head too. You’re a wild woman in your sleep!

Freak Magnet

*runs away worried*


“- Knock out the rest of the things on my “sex” list.” ???

Do we even want to know?