Here’s a quick pic of things to come…

Here’s a quick pic of things to come.

I’ve been working on Timewarp’s latest film. One weekend we filmed with women.


You can thank James for this blog. I needed to test Shutter Reloaded (the picture maker bigger when you click on it thingy plug in) to answer a question of his.


Oh, and on a side note, Mia (the lass in the picture) is funny as fuck. When Joe (the owner of Timewarp, and the fellow in the snazzy Hawiian shirt) was quoting lines from Project Runway, she informed him that, no, she does not watch Runway, she watches football. That there is the marrying type.

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She has an unnaturally wide mouth. :blink:


ZOMG she is gorgeous!


See, you’re confusing us with the French again, they have green teeth and never wash. We have good dental hygiene in the UK, well those of us that can afford it anyway. I dispute your claim that it is an optical illusion. I know Americans are famed for their big mouths, but that is a metaphorical observation based on the fact you never shut the fuck up. Any woman who could eat a banana sideways has an unnaturally wide cakehole. End of. 😀


You’re welcome.

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