Eating cereal out of a bowl is for L7s…

I’ve been having a hankering for a cup of Sugar Smacks cereal all day today, and I made a mental note to buy some milk on the way home. As with most of my mental notes, it wasn’t written down so I promptly forgot until the moment I saw that stupid frog on the box mocking me when I got home milkless.

(And, yes, I did say “cup”. That is not a typo. Eating cereal out of a bowl is for L7s. If you use a big cup, it’s much easier to drink the sugary sweet byproduct after you finish your cereal.)

However, it turned out to be a good thing, me forgetting the milk, because I tried an odd concoction tonight that I otherwise would have never tasted.

As I was leaning on the stove going through the mail, I glanced over to my left and saw the blue and white package of Oreos. Being three minutes since the Smacks’ Frog’s teasing grin, I had already forgotten that I had no milk and grabbed a couple of the delicious cookies. Immediately after biting into one, I realized my error. Oreos need milk as much as cereal does.

With my mouth already drying out from the cookie’s power of saliva drain, I opened the fridge to see if there was any salvation.

Dr. Jones Cane Cola? Nope, that wouldn’t do.

Superfresh brand Black Cherry soda? Nope, that’s flat. I should have taken that out days ago (still in there, by the way).

Mello Yello? LAWS NO! M-O-O-N, that spells drink it by itself to appreciate its goodness. Everyone knows that.

Dr. Pepper? Hmmmmm. Maybe as a last resort.

Mountain Dew? Well, getting there.

Orange Juice? You gotta be fucking kiddin… wait. That might work.

Almost dead of thirst (because by this time I had ate another Oreo), I pulled out the OJ and took a big swig.

Not bad at all.

As a matter of fact, quite tasty.

It only makes sense. Oreos are a chocolate cookie, after all, and those chocolate oranges are damn delicious, I just had never thought of it.

Granted, orange juice won’t take the place of milk with Oreos, ever, and I won’t be dipping my Oreos into OJ anytime soon (maybe), but I can see myself having the two again.