I looked for the registered sex offender sign up sheet…

So tonight I went to the mall for a long overdue haircut. I’ve been desperately needing a haircut for a while, and I really wanted to get one before Sunday (yesterday), but it just wasn’t happening. Apparently, Andi (my haircutter/stylist/whatever the hell) decided it was in her best interest to move to another location. So instead of working less than a mile away from my home, she now works like a half hour away from me. The nerve. What about my interests, Andi? (I still haven’t forgiven her for the time she decided to lay down with a man and went out for months because of her newborn.)

Andi has apparently moved to a more upscale/trendy haircutting establishment (no, you don’t get the name, it’s horrible and yes, I understand it’s a mall, but it was pretty nice. They had coffee for you, should you want it), the price of my haircut went up. I was paying about $25 (including tip, which I do decently because she is good) when she worked at the old joint, but tonight it ran me $35 ($25 for cut, plus $10 tip). However, the price increase was completely worth it because I now get my hair washed after I get it cut. At the old place, hair washing was extra, so I would usually just shower before I went, and skip the extra duckets, but here, it’s built in into the price, so I might as well partake since I’m paying for it. Holy cow, I forgot how good it feels to have someone scrubbing down the noggin. I damn near fell asleep.

Since I had arrived 20 minutes early, I hit FYE and lucked out by not spending *any* coin. After the cut, I styled and profiled my way over to Footlocker for some shoelaces, but they didn’t have the ones I wanted, so I went to Kid’s Footlocker (and how is it I can go into a foofoo store like Bath & Body Works and buy foofoo soap with no problems — except walking out with that stupid ass foofoo bag — but the moment I stepped into Kids Footlocker I looked for the registered sex offender sign up sheet?). I went into Spencer and was saddened a little by the fact I saw NOTHING I wanted, a surefire sign I’m growing up. Ironically, though, I did buy something at the store next door…Hot Topic.

I have a love/hate relationship with Hot Topic. I hate the fact that they make their money selling vintage T-Shirts, the vintage part being shirts of TV shows I grew up with. But I love that they always have the coolest Chuks/Vans/skater shoes (and although I don’t skate, I still love the shoes) in the mall. I also love the looks I get when I walk in from both the clientelle and staff when I go in. I almost feel like they are whispering amongst themselves, “What’s the old guy doing here?” even though I’m only 36. I also love their clearance racks, because they price shit to move.

I headed straight to the back of the store, and was pleased to find a clearance on shoes. Sadly, the only Chuks they had were pink (and I don’t do pink), but I did dig up a snazzy pair of Vision Street Wear shoes, and I saw on Hot Topic’s site there are black ones on sale, too, so I may hit the mall closer to me sometime this week.

Yeah, bring on the Hot Topic hate, I deserve it.

(And no, Fnord, I don’t buy my shirts there anymore. I haven’t in years. They don’t sell Hawaiian shirts there. Those are way too colorful for that store.)