You know who you are…

The recent blog on smoking was an experiment done by some friends and I. We took all took the same topic and wrote on it. The only rules were don’t talk about it and don’t read anyone elses.

And since I’ve yet to give a shout to the my friends’ blogs, this is a good opportunity to do so.

Those who participated (in alpha order)…

freakmagnet – Going Up in Smoke
The Hitman – Cross-blog discussion time!
Mr. Blonde – I’m sorry, I just don’t care
Neon Maniac – I Hate Peer Pressure
shiki-jitsu – You got an extra smoke?

Now, a few other friends’ blogs…

Issued Away – The Short Bus
Krystal Lake – Nothing Important

And a bonus…

Lance Henrickson – Lance Fucking Henriksen’s Blog

Now, there are other blogs I read on a daily basis, but those don’t get posted in this entry.

This blog is for the fuckers that make me laugh on a daily basis.

You know who you are.

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LFH just sent me an email telling me he lost his password to his blog! LOL