More updates necessary…

Recently I found out my blog has been linked on two different sites.

Wow. And that is not a sarcastic wow, or indifferent wow. That’s a wow as if it had the exclamation point. But I’m not a big fan of the exclamation point, thus just the period.

It’s kind of flattering, without the ‘kind of’ part.

I’ve been asked on a couple different occasions why I started a blog. And it’s an easy answer. I started it on the recommendation of a friend. That’s it. I had asked this friend how to be a better writer. I write reviews for (linked on the right) and, soon, (also linked on the right). I wanted to write the best reviews possible. My friend said the best way to be a better writer is to always write. And the best way to always write is to start a blog and keep it updated.

I took his advice, as it was sound.

I never intended it to be anything more than a bitchfest. Hell, the first couple months, I barely updated.

I threw the link of my blog into my signature at Horrortalk and I got a few requests from some friends to update. Honestly, I would be lying if I didn’t think that was cool. Someone not only read my crap, but they wanted more. That’s hella-cool.

So I updated.

And then some friends started blogs.

So I updated some more, to keep up with them. I know it’s not competition, but, to me, I didn’t want to be left behind. Also, dammit, some of the blogs they started are pretty damn good and I want to be as funny and as articulate as some of the blogs I read. So I have to keep updating.

Now this. The links.

Now I have to discipline myself to update even more. Dammit.

But that’s a good dammit.

I appreciate the nods, Aric and Ms. Spinster. Considering the quality of the sites I’m being linked from, it’s a high honor.

And to those who read this and even leave a comment or two on occasion, I appreciate you as well.

I have said before, and I’ll say it again, if I didn’t have readers, I would still write. I need to if I want to be better at my reviews. But because of you guys and gals, I write more than I probably would if I didn’t think people were reading, and that helps me.

I have to stop now before I start putting Bette Midler song quotes in the mix. Then I’d have to eat some scissors, The Dead Zone style.