She is Joy…

As I’ve said time and again, my sister’s name is not Joy. I call her Joy on this blog because it is such a fitting name.

Anyone who knows her, and watches “My Name is Earl”, agree:

She is Joy.

What’s brilliant about that particular clip is within the first 10 seconds, the first thing Joy says, you get to know my sister. As a matter of fact, I’m quite sure she’s said that very thing to me.

And she doesn’t even watch the show.

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Your videos never cooperate with me. In this case I get the message ‘this video can’t be displayed in your region’. This discrimination against Canadians must stop!

i do love the fact that you call your sister Joy.


Son of a bitch.

Okay, in the video, the very beginning, Earl (Jason Lee) walks up to Joy (Jaime Pressly) — who is playing a claw game for stuffed animal prizes! — and says, “How come you never told me you won a beauty contest?”

To which Joy replies, without missing a beat or even acknowledging Earl, “Every day I walk out of my front door, I win a beauty contest.” 😆

And it just goes on from there.