Yeah, so I missed a day…

Yeah, so I missed a day. I was in San Francisco all week, and last night I was on the red eye back, so no time for love, Dr. Jones!

Sadly, I didn’t get to do much out in ‘cisco, as it was work related and I spent most of my time in the office. However, things weren’t too bad, as this was the view from the office:

Alcatraz is obviously in that mix, and sadly that’s about the closest I got to it. I did get down to Pier 39 where all the Sea Lions hung out, though. I was on the phone with Joy at the time while I was near them, and they were being awful loud.

“What the fuck? What are they doing?”

“Talking,” I said. “You know what they sound like?”

“What?” Joy asked.

“It sounds like the sounds I make when I’m drunk dry heaving.”

Joy laughed. “They are pretty loud.”

Yeah, it’s not a big post, but I have other shit going on that I may or may not write about later.