I couldn’t help but laugh…

I saw a car yesterday with a flat tire. The tire that was flat was the spare tire.

Think about it, what the hell did this poor bastard do to piss off the gods to deserve that?

I figure he was one of those idiots that rides the left lane without passing–holding people up–and he was smote down for it.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

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Freak Magnet

Actually, not many people bother to check their spares when they’re having work done on the car and find out too late that the tire’s gone flat sitting in the trunk. So that’s not that unusual.

You, on the other hand, are a h8ful bastard. Make sure you have them check your spare before the Gods of Irony smite you, too.


Don’t try and justify it.

And the gods only smite those who deserve it.

When I am king, you all will rue.


You know I had this happen. I hit a bad pothole last year and killed my tire. So I switched to the donut and got 1 block and it went flat.

Stupid cars.

Freak Magnet


Nobody ever wants to listen to me.


shiki – you must have been driving too slow in the left lane.

freak – I told you you were right in that email you sent me today (about my female luck).


I NEVER drive slow in the left lane.

Well, unless your behind me.


And looked what happened that day I was behind you and you drove slow.

You were smote.

Who’s laughing now!


I don’t think he had a real spare to begin with. I think it was a bicycle tire cosplaying as a car tire.

Freak Magnet


I love you, Shiki.

Love you, too, Renaldo.



Now I have Pha noodles all over my keyboard.