She still has it to this day…

When we were kids, Joy had this teddy bear, Sugar, that she took everywhere until she was like 18. She has it to this day.

One Thanksgiving, we were up at grandmas and my uncle Les came strolling into the room, grasping Sugar by the arm. I immediately smiled, as I knew good times were about to be had.

“Whose is this?” He asked, swinging Sugar around in a loop-de-loo.

“THAT’S MINE!” Joy screamed, running over to save her beloved bear.

“Is it? What’s it’s name?”

“Sugar. Give him back.”

“Sugar, that’s a pretty name. Let me ask you something…can Sugar fly?”

With that, he flung the bear to the open window across the room. It was magical, Sugar tumbling through the air, all slow motion like, headed towards certain teddy bear death once it flew out the window into the bustling traffic two stories below.

Joy watched in horror, mouth agape, too stunned to even wimper as her Sugar headed towards the window, knowing she could do nothing about it.

The bear flew through the window frame…and bounced off the screen.

Joy gave Les a look of daggers as she ran over and picked Sugar off the floor, hugging him to her chest and stomping out of the room.

I gave Les a look of pure worship.

There’s a reason he’s my favorite uncle.

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