I love my family…

My mom’s been real sick the past two weeks (including a week long hospital visit the week I was in San Fran — a whole ‘nother blog). Today she had a doctor’s appointment to see what’s up. I saw Joy had called me today while I was at work, so I called her on the way home to see what the word was.



“I saw you called earlier. What’s up?” I asked.

“I took your mother to the doctor’s today.”

“Yeah, I know. What did they say?”

“You’re going to have to call me back, my show is on.” I don’t even know what her show is.

“What? So TV is more important than your mother?”

“When you call at an inconvenient time, it is.” Click.

I love my family.

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I guess it was good news? TV is important and all but…

I’m sorry to hear about your mom. I hope she is indeed doing much better, and you were right, I do feel like an ass now for complaining about your earlier lame posts. In fact I was just recently thinking “Seriously? Is his being on a fab trip in San Fran his excuse for days of ‘can’t post now’ posting?” It’s much clearer now.


OMG, NO, Snooze. Don’t feel bad at all.

I didn’t even know about my mom being in the hospital until about 3 days when I was supposed to come back from SF, and that was an accident (I’ll get into that in December).

We’re waiting on results. She’s doing much better, now, thanks!


Glad she’s doing better. Hope it turns out!

And that teddy bear post was funny as heck.