She’s to blame, or thank…

I was over my sister’s house last weekend for a cookout and one of her friends took this picture for me.

I honestly can’t remember the last time my sister and I took a picture together.

She made my first 16 years a living hell, so she’s the one to blame (or thank) for some of the stories on this blog.


Why she’s shoving her baps at me, I have no idea.

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Aric Blue

Hey, where’s the naked pictures of your sister? I know you got some…

Aric Blue

I notice there’s no reply…

Which ISN’T a denial! Busted.


I couldn’t think of anything witty.



Is she coming to HF? Is she easy?

Freak Magnet

I know why she’s sticking her boochachas out at you.

She’s telling you, “I have boobs, and play with them anytime I want, and you don’t, and you can’t!!”

Just something else she wants to rub your face in.

Hopefully not literally. That’d be kind of sick.


Freak, that’s just foul.

Renaldo, no and yes.

Sucks, doesn’t it.


Hey, Freak, Stewie does have boobs, doesn’t he? Looks that way in the picutre…


You sure you don’t want to apologize to your mom for saying boobs?


Nah, she only gets mad when I say shit and fuck.

And she doesn’t read your blog anyway.

Eric's Mom

I do read his blog! Next time I see you, your mouth is going to be so full of soap you won’t have to shower for a month!

I see no family resemblance?

Stewie were you a milk man baby!?
Mail man? UPS man? Schwann man?

Or did they just find ya someplace?

(JK man! Good pic!)


Ace, everyone reads my blog. It’s where the party is. :-p

J, C. Walken is my dad.

Freak Magnet

Kelli looks EXACTLY like your mom* and you look EXACTLY like your dad*.

It’s quite chilling and creepy, actually.

*In their younger days.


No shit. Sometimes Kelli will get a look on her face when she’s yelling at the rugrats and I feel like it’s my mom all over again.