How lazy do you have to be…

It’s a bitch thinking of things to write on here, sometimes.

Last week I hit a random blog and it was funny as hell. Unfortunately, it hadn’t been updated in a month, so I dropped a comment.

Her reply, which was as equally witty as the blog, was…

I think about writing in this damn thing every day, but then I start thinking about cheese (or something equally important) and forget to jumpstart the computer and get ta writin’.

For me, that is spot on.

Everyday I think of something I should write in here, and every time I go to do it, either the words fail me, or I forget.

But sometimes, sometimes man, people make it easy. Like yesterday.

Yesterday I hit Charbucks to do a little coffee drinking and a little brainstorming for a blog. I had three themes rolling in my head…

-The first time I remember being told I love you – not as hokey as it sounds.
-My attraction to women that are unobtainable – as hokey as it sounds and not what you think.
-The day I found God – not a chance, fuckers. Oh, I believe in God. I have a close relationship with Him. I just hate the church. Passionately.

And none of these themes were working for me. So I left empty handed.

And that’s when I saw it. My blog entry.

I was heading to my truck when I noticed a lady waiting for a car to leave so she could park. That in itself seems okay, but there were things she was doing that were just flat out ignorant.

The first was she wasn’t even in the parking lane waiting for this car to leave. She was on the main strip (the spot she was waiting for was a front-row-Joe). Normally not much of an issue, but the people leaving were taking their time, thus causing people to line up Ms. Ignorance.

Now, normally this would no big deal. Hell, she’s waiting for a good spot. But when the jeep that was behind her pulled around her and parked TWO SPOTS DOWN from the car leaving, I just watched in amazement. I know, I know, I shouldn’t be surprised, but it gets worse.

The car behind the jeep went around this dumb bitch and parked in a spot FOUR SPOTS DOWN from the car leaving (who, by the way, was still sitting there, occupants outside of the vehicle, still dicking around).

I got in my truck, which was five spots down from the car leaving, and left. My spot was immediately taken by the car behind the car behind the jeep.

And that bitch was still waiting for the spot.

Seriously, how fucking lazy do you have to be to hold up traffic so you don’t have to walk about ten extra feet.

Good thing breathing is automatic or this bitch would have suffocated long ago.

Oh. Wait. Maybe that’s not a good thing. It would get rid of some of the riffraff.