The States I’ve been to…

I ripped this off of Ms. Spinster’s blog.

Hopefully, by the end of next year, I can add Nevada to the list.

And, if the stars align and fall perfectly into place, I will have a bunch more between California and Maryland by the end of this year.

But for now, here’s where I’ve been…

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Freak Magnet

You remember in elementary school when you had to draw the state? I wonder if those brats in Colorado had to do that.


I always wondered that. Coming from a coastal state with a peninsula was very frustrating. I remmeber looking loningly at some of the square states.


Imagine if you lived in Rhode Island.

Putting a damn dot down on a piece of paper.



I see you haven’t been to Indiana or Kentucky. Yeah if I were you I’d avoid those too.

Damn funny blog. I’ll ignore your other site cause I don’t read books, but this one’s a pretty good time-waster


While I’m sure Indianians and Kentuckians are nice, I have no desire to see each state, if only to say I’ve been there.

Thanks for the compliment!


man, you’re such a tool.

Freak Magnet

I dated a guy who took off for Kentucky when the cops were looking for him.

Don’t just assume all Kentuckians are nice. Some come from Maryland, and while they’re generally harmless, they’re punks.


Hook, yes, yes I am.

freakmagnet, your name is so fitting. :p 🙂