Sometimes you can…

Last night I took a trip to Walmart. Something I generally loath because of its tendency to attract the white trash.

Since I was miserable, I decided to make Tom’s life miserable, too, but sending him text messages on how miserable I was.

I am at Walmart. It’s filled with lawyers and doctors. Sabbath was right!

Sabbath is some guy who insists that Walmart does not consist of mainly white trash. He is obviously delusional.

I fucking hate Walmart and the hillbillies it contains. Oh look, an obese lady in the electric cart.

Tom was ignoring me.

LOL. I am watching a guido in a tank top picking out a variety of Axe deodorants.

I wish I had gotten a picture of that. Tom still wasn’t replying.

I am in line. White trash in front of me keeps yelling at her child.


I shot that one off too early, because mom’s back was to me. Tom didn’t have a chance to reply before I sent:

OMG and the mom is wearing a shirt with the child’s picture on it.

It said “World’s Greatest Mom”. I can’t make that up.

Destiny is going to grow up and be the school slut. I can tell.

Sometimes you can.

My only regret is I don’t have pictures to go with the text, because there were some great ones to be had.

And stupid Tom didn’t get the texts until today, so I might has well been talking to myself. Wouldn’t be the first time.