I have nothing witty…

About a month or so ago, my friend B offered up an evening of poker and beer, which I eagerly accepted. Not including video poker in Atlantic City, I hadn’t played poker with actual people in years. I don’t count the game I played with my buddy Mykl and his brother-in-law. My $20 buy in lasted me all of three hands. (Still a blast, though).

Last weekend (or maybe the weekend before last, it’s been crazy here, lately) I headed up to B’more for the big game, with two new, crisp five dollar bills for my buy in. Deal was (haha, “deal”, I bring the jokes, kids) there was going to be two games, with a five buck buy in each game. Winner gets all the coin, save five bucks as second place gets their buy in back. Not a huge buy in by many people’s standards, I imagine, but I wasn’t going for the money, but rather the good time. And good times were had by all.

B and I met up before the game at Ledo’s, a pizza joint (where I called and said I was going to be late, but I wasn’t because I’m a race car driver in my off time). It’s a pizza joint I like because they make a good thin crust and they serve it on school trays. There’s something cool about that, although I couldn’t tell you what. Plus, as mentioned, they make a good thin crust. Screw your thick crusts. If it’s not a thin crust, it sucks. B had a coupon for breadsticks. I’m not a breadstick guy, but I was starving and they were good. If you ever get a chance, go to Lido’s. They make a good pizza. Go with good company, and you’ll be solid. A sign of good company is when they don’t get mad, and even roll with it, when you tell the server that they shoved a plate in their purse saying something about “completing the collection”. That’s good company.

After Lido’s we rolled to B’s house where I met (and re-met) some of her friends. I am far from a people person (although, for some reason, people say I’m likable). I’m not a fan of groups of people, especially if I more-or-less know one person in the group. Yet, having met a most of the cats in the group prior (at ROLLERDERBY! — did I blog that, yet?), and already liking them, things were very comfortable for me, and very enjoyable. The night was long — we played until ~1:30 or so — and the time was good.

I lost the first round (either B or Pappy won, I want to say it was B, but I may be mistaken. I just know it was down to those two at the end) and won the second with a 9 of clubs, which was somewhat disappointing. I mean, the winning wasn’t, but it was so anti-climatic. Dan (the guy I was up against at the end) is obviously an experienced poker player and he’s frustratingly conservative (which could explain why I am so often the first one out in games, perhaps I can learn something), but I would have easily taken a loss if the final hand was, say, three aces vs. three kings. We had earned it. Instead, we both were going for a straight on the final hand, he had 5,6 and I had 8,9. Turns out the 9 took it. I guess that’s how irrelevant the money (or the win) was for me. It was a side note, almost. I’m not a gambler, I don’t live off the rush a gambler gets it (although I freely admit when I’m dealt two queens, there is adrenaline), it’s always, always, always about the time, and the time had that night was worth more than the money I took home.

On a side, but related, note, I highly recommend Abita Pecan Harvest beer. Very smooth, with a hint of a pecan aftertaste. B introduced me to that, and I need to pick up a six pack of it (says a lot, because I’m not much of a drinker — although that’s only because the hefeweizen I had in Berlin isn’t over here, otherwise I’d be an alcoholic). I also tried Abita’s Purple Haze, but, shockingly enough to some of you, I didn’t like it as much as the Harvest.

I have nothing witty to close this with.