I have nothing witty…

About a month or so ago, my friend B offered up an evening of poker and beer, which I eagerly accepted. Not including video poker in Atlantic City, I hadn’t played poker with actual people in years. I don’t count the game I played with my buddy Mykl and his brother-in-law. My $20 buy in lasted me all of three hands. (Still a blast, though).

Last weekend (or maybe the weekend before last, it’s been crazy here, lately) I headed up to B’more for the big game, with two new, crisp five dollar bills for my buy in. Deal was (haha, “deal”, I bring the jokes, kids) there was going to be two games, with a five buck buy in each game. Winner gets all the coin, save five bucks as second place gets their buy in back. Not a huge buy in by many people’s standards, I imagine, but I wasn’t going for the money, but rather the good time. And good times were had by all.

B and I met up before the game at Ledo’s, a pizza joint (where I called and said I was going to be late, but I wasn’t because I’m a race car driver in my off time). It’s a pizza joint I like because they make a good thin crust and they serve it on school trays. There’s something cool about that, although I couldn’t tell you what. Plus, as mentioned, they make a good thin crust. Screw your thick crusts. If it’s not a thin crust, it sucks. B had a coupon for breadsticks. I’m not a breadstick guy, but I was starving and they were good. If you ever get a chance, go to Lido’s. They make a good pizza. Go with good company, and you’ll be solid. A sign of good company is when they don’t get mad, and even roll with it, when you tell the server that they shoved a plate in their purse saying something about “completing the collection”. That’s good company.

After Lido’s we rolled to B’s house where I met (and re-met) some of her friends. I am far from a people person (although, for some reason, people say I’m likable). I’m not a fan of groups of people, especially if I more-or-less know one person in the group. Yet, having met a most of the cats in the group prior (at ROLLERDERBY! — did I blog that, yet?), and already liking them, things were very comfortable for me, and very enjoyable. The night was long — we played until ~1:30 or so — and the time was good.

I lost the first round (either B or Pappy won, I want to say it was B, but I may be mistaken. I just know it was down to those two at the end) and won the second with a 9 of clubs, which was somewhat disappointing. I mean, the winning wasn’t, but it was so anti-climatic. Dan (the guy I was up against at the end) is obviously an experienced poker player and he’s frustratingly conservative (which could explain why I am so often the first one out in games, perhaps I can learn something), but I would have easily taken a loss if the final hand was, say, three aces vs. three kings. We had earned it. Instead, we both were going for a straight on the final hand, he had 5,6 and I had 8,9. Turns out the 9 took it. I guess that’s how irrelevant the money (or the win) was for me. It was a side note, almost. I’m not a gambler, I don’t live off the rush a gambler gets it (although I freely admit when I’m dealt two queens, there is adrenaline), it’s always, always, always about the time, and the time had that night was worth more than the money I took home.

On a side, but related, note, I highly recommend Abita Pecan Harvest beer. Very smooth, with a hint of a pecan aftertaste. B introduced me to that, and I need to pick up a six pack of it (says a lot, because I’m not much of a drinker — although that’s only because the hefeweizen I had in Berlin isn’t over here, otherwise I’d be an alcoholic). I also tried Abita’s Purple Haze, but, shockingly enough to some of you, I didn’t like it as much as the Harvest.

I have nothing witty to close this with.

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I am right there with you on the thin crust. Thin crust is made of awesome. That thick crust, deep dish crap is Dead To Me. Congrats on the poker win!


Thanks, Lesley! And, yeah, fuck your deep dishes.

(that’s what she said)


I miss regular poker games. We never played for much (maybe $20 buy-in) but I enjoyed the rush of gambling even though I pretty much suck at poker in comparison with the seasoned players I was usually at the table with.


Add me to the thin crust crowd. Also, did you blog about Rollerderby? That is so awesome. I want all the details!