She is the devil…

I was down at my folk’s house this past weekend going through some photo albums and looking at pictures that I have not seen in years or, in some cases, have not seen ever. While it was fantastic seeing these pictures, the reason for looking at them was not so fantastic, but I’m trying to take the good over the bad, here. (Yeah, yeah, vague, I know. There may be a blog on it, there may not, either way, not right now.)

Anywho, I’m in the process of scanning some of the more delightful gems I found, and will be posting them the next few days. Today I’ll start with the ones of Joy and I.

This first one is a pic of me and Joy when I was a tot. Look at her eyes. She is the devil, and there’s proof. Look at my face. Even at that young age, I knew she was the spawn of Satan.

This one is of us on our old ass swingset. Look how dangerous I am, getting on that top bar like that. That house you see is Big Johnny’s house. He scared me.


I really love this next picture of Joy. It’s circa 1987, and I don’t remember ever seeing it, but there’s something about the picture that I just love. Behind Joy is her friend Shelly, me and Shelly’s daughter. We look like runaways.


This next one is a favorite of Joy’s. It was (obviously) from the summer of ’76. She was kind enough to let me borrow it so I could scan it. I think I’m about to cry in this picture (and holy hell, I think I was abused because there were more pictures of me crying than not).


Of all the pictures I’ve seen of Joy and I, this final one is the one I like the best. All bullshit aside, I think it captures the admiration I have for her like no words can. That and my pants are pimp.


More pics coming.

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Ah, so cute! Was this before or after Uncle Johnny molested you in the closet?

But seriosly, condolences. I was gonna call ya, but isn't that just annoying?


Before Uncle Johnny.

And thanks for not calling, you did the right thing (seriously). It was bad enough telling people who needed to know.