I’m still halfassing my way through scanning pictures and came across another nugget of my past. This one I actually scanned about a month ago, but obviously never put did anything with it. I’ve debating on posting it, not because of embarrassment, but for the safety of myself and the lady readers of the blog. I put myself in grave danger posting this, because I have no idea how you women will react.

Before you scroll down to see it, ladies, you will have to prepare yourself. Make sure you have a phone nearby for any heart fluctuations. (I would even recommend pre-dialing 911, so all you will have to do is hit send.)

Are you ready?

You sure?

If you are prone to heat flashes, I highly recommend closing this window now.

I can’t be responsible for anything that happens.

This is your last chance.

Okay, you’ve been substantially warned. Here you go:


Notice that fly robe. I’m money. Just like the Hef.