Hold me Spock…

So I went to a scifi convention today, Star Trek style.

Wait. Wait. Wait a damn minute.

I didn’t go as a fan. I went as a favor.

My buddy had a table there, and he asked if I could hang out so he could run and get drinks, get food, go to the bathroom, that sort of thing. And so I said what the hell. I had nothing else going on and I figured it would be an experience.

Oh, and I was not disappointed.

There is only one combination of words to describe a scifi convention.

Train. Wreck.

Oh man, I had seen the documentary Trekkies, but I had no idea. None, whatsoever.

I go to horror conventions, but they are nothing like the dorkiness that is a scifi convention. If nothing else, I feel MUCH better about myself today.

That said, I had a great time. I am a people watcher by nature. I love watching people and making fun of them. And what better place to do it (other than a furry convention. I’d say cosplay, too, but a lot of those chicks are smoking hot, so I am less likely to poke fun).

Is it right that I had a good time making fun of others? Probably not.

Does the fact that I spent most of the day laughing my ass off? Absolutely not.

Hey, if I ever suffer a massive head injury and dress up like a klingon, you damn well better laugh at me. I’d deserve it.

Oh, and the most interesting thing being sold at this convention? The fan fiction with spock and kirk on the cover.

In a lovers embrace.

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I am sure a sci-fi con is bad, but it can’t be worse than a role-playing game convention.

The D&Ders are scary fucking people.

Freak Magnet

yeah, I’d have to agree with Shiki on that one.

If, for some reason, YOU ever need a buddy to go with you to one of THOSE conventions, don’t bother asking me. You’re going to have to pee your pants and starve.



fnord – Yes, I remember you telling me. And I would still go for the experience. 🙂

freak – Trust me, you don’t know what you are missing. Everyone should experience this once.



We–I mean, they, THEY can’t all be that bad!

It’s those damn Next Generation fans that are ruining it for everyone!

And, if I ever went to a con–and I’m not saying that I have, I’m saying if, IF!–I wasn’t one of the ones in costume, or one of the ones who have a Starship, or any of that stuff.

I was one of the normal ones. I swear.



There were exceptions to the rule, of course.

And we didn’t make fun of those two.


Didn’t Star Trek go off the air? So these are like… Trek Hippies



In the kingdom of the Trekkies, the guy who’s not a Klingon is king?

Somehow, I feel better about the horror conventions now, too.

And I really don’t think it’s wrong for you to laugh at these people, unless of course, you’re hurting sales at the table where you’re working.


no, we talked low.

But you never know about those vulcan ears.

maxine, clicking that link just gave me dork. THANKS A LOT!


Did you take any pics? Please say yes.

You were there too?! Holy shit, I would’ve shaken your hand! I was the guy dressed up as a Klingon.

Ol’ LFH has to travel incognito when he’s out in public, otherwise the ladies go wild.

Maybe next time.