Not hot.

Last time I was over Joy’s, she got hot over this movie clip.

Yeah, that mesh tanktop is real hot there, Matt.

WTF is wrong with you women, because I know she’s not the only one. 😆

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It was the 80's so I think we all just overlook the tanktop. Aw come on, it reminds us all of our crushes in high school – or wanting that wild guy.


Kristy MchNichol :drool:

Freak Magnet

Whatever happened to Kristy McNichols? I miss her.


Okay, I understand wanting the wild guy, but he's wearing a mesh shirt. MESH! That should disqualify cool, no matter what the year. lol.




I don't know. I've heard stories. I was crushed when I found out she batted for the other team. 🙁


Why would that bother you? You could watch. I mean, someone told me Keanu was gay and the potential movie rolled through my mind. And as for the mesh tank top, it's not gino huge mesh tank. It's discreet.


Oh, it doesn't bother me in the sense that she's lesbian, it bothers me that I CAN NEVER HAVE HER NOW. I mean, before, there was a chance. No matter what anyone says, there's always a chance. When she was straight, she could be walking down the street, see me, then strip off her clothes and have me. Slim chance, but chance nonetheless.

Now, there's no chance. And that makes me sad. Her being a lesbian only bothers me for purely selfish reasons.